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and that the Spirits had perhaps sent it late to pro-
tect us from some unknown danger. The snow-
laden northern winds howled at us mercilessly and
stung our eyes to the quick with blinding chunks
of snow, but we kept on. We travelled without a
halt until it broke early the next morning. Then
we all stopped and dug into the snow and pitched
our camp. As we dug our beds into the snow
and curled up to sleep, we wondered if the Crows
had got home alive without their blankets and

When we awoke many hours later we discovered
that one of our warriors. Roving Night Eagle,
was missing. His wife said that he had not been
with us at any time during the storm, but she had
thought that he was with the horses. Roving
Night Eagle was the best marksman in our tribe,
a brave of great renown on the war-path. Now
the Crows had got him. Some of our braves were
angry at this; for, they said. White Dog had told
us that we were going to útake? four of the enemy
and that we were not going to 'give' any of our
number to the Crows, White Dog ordered them
to stop the discussion, saying that the "Spirits
never spoke falsely* to him, and that if they had
told him that, it was right.

It was the first time White Dog had ever given
out a forecast that did not come true! And some
of our older men said that his medicine powers